The beginning of a new work style for humans interacting with robots
The beginning of a new work style for humans interacting with robots

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and
Sony Group Corporation have established Remote Robotics Inc.,
a business company that proposes a new work style
in which various people can participate in society.

Kawasaki × SONY

News Release

July 13, 2022
Notice of Change
December 1, 2021
Remote Robotics Inc. started its business operations.

Realize a remote society where all people can participate

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and Sony Group's robotics technology, remote control technology, sensing technology, image processing technology, communication technology, and various AI technologies will optimize services based on robotics, remoteness, and community that connect workers and businesses.
Remote Robotics Inc. is a business company that enhances a new work style in the future society.

Service platform connecting businesses and remote workers

By building a remote robot platform that can monitor and operate robots performing various tasks at the manufacturing site from a remote location, we will improve work safety, eliminate heavy labor, and create new work styles regardless of location or time.
We will mainly provide robot software and solution services in the remote robot platform.
For example, working in a hot environment, such as the steelmaking field, is physically burdensome, difficult to continue working, and dangerous.
On the other hand, skilled workers use remote robot operation services to contribute to ensuring safety and improving productivity.
Remote Robotics Inc. plans to conduct a demonstration experiment at a factory in the general industrial field by the end of 2021.

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Corporate Overview

Company Name
Remote Robotics Inc.
Date of Establishment
December 1, 2021
Stated Capital
JPY 100 million
1-7-1 Konan Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0075 Japan
Board Members
President and CEO
Hirokazu Tanaka
Executive Vice President and COO
Shogo Hasegawa
Toshimoto Mitomo
Yuhei Yabe
Takeshi Kaneko
Masatoshi Ishida
Soichi Sagawa
Business Overview
Platform service for remote robot operations
Capital Structure
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. 50%
Sony Group Corporation 50%